A Large Group Of Red Dead Online Players Tried To Carry Bowls Of Soup Across The Entire Map

Strolling crosswise over enormous open-world maps has been done ordinarily and has even been recorded various occasions on this very site. However, strolling over a whole guide conveying a major old bowl of stew? Presently that is something you don’t see each day.

That was the odd goal of an ongoing meet-and-walk gone to by an enormous gathering of Red Dead Online players. Otherwise called walk meets, these are occasions where huge gatherings of players get together and stroll around to different areas, experiencing creatures, lawbreakers and different deterrents along the way. This soup walk was recorded by Reddit client Slonitram and set up by Red Dead Online player Zoobz_.

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Thus, in excess of 20 players got together at an open air fire in the southwest region of the enormous Red Dead Online guide and made some stew. At that point every player snatched a bowl of hot soup and started the long stroll over the world.

One noteworthy issue players managed during the walk was server issues. Red Dead Online will continually kick players. This is something I experience almost every time I play RDO. It is irritating and it additionally implies that when you log again into the game, you never again have your bowl of stew. Also, no one likes to lose soup as such.

Be that as it may, server issues weren’t the main threat players looked on their long soup walk. Abundance trackers, runaway ponies, different players who weren’t a piece of the walk and fundamentally some other peril typically found in RDO caused the walkers cerebral pains. At a certain point an enormous part of the gathering was taken out by a train. The risks of soup strolling.

Source:  https://kotaku.com/a-large-group-of-red-dead-online-players-tried-to-carry-1838594087 

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