Face/Off Movie is Being Rebooted

Vital Pictures is apparently hoping to reboot Face/Off, the 1997 John Woo hit that saw John Travolta and Nicolas Cage playing a cop and an outlaw fear monger whose appearances are swapped through plastic medical procedure, prompting hijinks.

Oren Uziel (22 Jump Street, The Cloverfield Paradox) has been set to compose the content, which will recast the story mind new characters, as per a Deadline report. The first motion picture was a hit for the studio, who since the clearance of Marvel to Disney have not had the same number of significant establishment hits as they used to. In the event that Face/Off were effective, it would be another chance to abuse more seasoned IP for more up to date films.

Vital has had enormous accomplishment with that recipe with the Mission: Impossible establishment, which currently has such a significant number of portions that it feels as though it has quite recently consistently been there. They likewise have World War Z, the Dreamworks Animation brand, the Transformers establishment, and a few motion pictures that are more diligently – yet not feasible – to picture continuations and revamps for, similar to Grease and Forrest Gump. After the up and coming Terminator: Dark Fate, the studio’s next enormous blockbuster is Top Gun: Maverick, an endeavor to renew another Tom Cruise establishment.

Face/Off came at the last part of John Travolta’s ’90s renaissance, following on the impact points of huge triumphs like Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, Michael, and Phenomenon. By 2000, with Battlefield Earth, Travolta had segued that accomplishment into the science fiction epic he constantly longed for making, yet wasted a great deal of the store he had developed to that moment that the film was a basic and money related disappointment.

There is no word on who may star in the new form, who will coordinate, or when to anticipate it. Now, the film is pretty much only a thought being kicked around among Uziel and makers Neal Moritz and David Permut.

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