Man jumps on plane wing as it prepares for takeoff

A man who climbed onto the wing of a plane as it arranged for departure at the airplane terminal in Nigeria’s Lagos city has been captured, experts said.

The man, who has not been distinguished, strolled towards the flying machine on the runway and was spotted by the pilot, who backed off and later killed the motor as the man kept on meandering around the flying machine, Azman Air said in an announcement.

He at that point bounced onto a wing of the plane and attempted to get to the lodge, the carrier said. The pilot radioed the landing area to report the episode, as indicated by the aircraft.

The episode happened Friday morning at the household wing of the Murtala Muhammed International air terminal in Lagos.

A video taken by a traveler on the air ship demonstrates the man moving around the wing of the plane as scared travelers approached the team to open the leave entryways.

The man has been arrested and is being addressed, Nigeria’s airplane terminal specialist said in an announcement.

The episode did not defer the flight that was gone to Port Harcourt in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, notwithstanding, travelers and team individuals landed for another round of security checks, the carrier said.


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