Minecraft’s 4K Update Has Been Officially Cancelled

More than two years back, Mojang reported that Minecraft would get an update called the Super Duper Graphics Pack.

This update was wanted to turn out in Fall 2017 and would add a visual upgrade to Minecraft alongside 4K visuals for those on stages that would permit it. Inevitably however, news on the update fell quiet and Mojang since hasn’t discussed the Super Duper Graphics Pack’s entry much by any means.

Today, Mojang at long last ended that quiet. On the authority Minecraft site, it was affirmed that improvement on the Super Duper Graphics Pack has now stopped altogether, which means it’ll never come around. “Super was a driven activity that carried another look to Minecraft in any case, sadly, the pack demonstrated excessively in fact requesting to execute as arranged,” Mojang clarified in the blog entry.

As expressed, the essential purpose behind the graphical update’s dropping had to do with how it would be actualized on different stages. Mojang proceeded to clarify that it wasn’t “content with how the pack performed crosswise over gadgets.” They further included, “Thus, we’re halting advancement on the pack, and investigating different ways for you to encounter Minecraft with another look.”

While this news is doubtlessly a bummer for the individuals who were wanting to play Minecraft with a crisp layer of paint, as Mojang says, ideally, new looks to the game will be included soon. The way things are, Minecraft is currently more than ten years of age and could likely go through some contacting in specific zones, regardless of whether the game’s low-polygon surfaces should be one of the interests of the title.

Regardless of this retraction, it likely won’t hurt Minecraft an excessive amount of pushing ahead. Hell, even so long after discharge, it was as yet the top of the line computerized game on PS4 a month ago.

Source:  https://www.dualshockers.com/minecraft-4k-update-cancelled/ 

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