NASA’s Daring Solar Probe Is Skimming Past the Sun Today!

It’s an extra-radiant Sunday for NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, which is making its third close go around the sun today (Sept. 1).

The rocket is intended to enable researchers to all the more likely comprehend the sun and, specifically, its external climate, called the crown. That air is a large number of degrees, regardless of whether Fahrenheit or Celsius — a lot more smoking than the noticeable surface of the star — and researchers can’t exactly make sense of where all that warmth originates from.

So NASA manufactured the Parker Solar Probe, which will make 24 brave plunges into the crown before the part of the arrangement, in 2025. The shuttle propelled last August and has officially finished two sun based flybys. The third close experience will come today around 1:50 p.m. EDT (1750 GMT).


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