Netflix’s 2D-animated fantasy I Lost My Body gets a surreal trailer

A bodiless hand crawls around a city, however no, this isn’t film from the up and coming Addams family vivified motion picture.

In light of a novel by Amélie essayist Guillaume Laurant, I Lost My Body — J’ai perdu mon corps in the first French — recounts to the narrative of a cut off hand that escapes a Parisian research facility. Frantically looking for its unique body, the hand starts to recollect its previous lifestyle, of days when it was once joined to a pizza kid named Naoufel. As the hand chases down Naoufel, it additionally starts to review the kid’s adoration for a custodian named Gabrielle, which may hold answers about exactly what befell the hand.

Having debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, I Lost My Body turned into the primary vivified film to win the Nespresso Grand Prize. Netflix immediately grabbed up the overall appropriation rights. The motion picture will open in select venues beginning on Nov. 15, and after that debut on Netflix on Nov. 29.


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