New leak claims PS5 will be revealed in February 2020

On the off chance that the most recent breaks are to be accepted, its been a victory morning for PlayStation fans. Not just have subtleties of the following State of Play probably found their direction onto the web (by means of NeoGaf and 4Chan), yet a spilled advertising email from Sony evidently alludes to a “PlayStation Meeting 2020” that is set to at long last uncover the PS5 in the entirety of its brilliance.

This gathering, as per the talk (which, obviously, should be taken with a few barrels of substance salt), will happen on February 12 one year from now, and is intended to grandstand “the eventual fate of Sony PlayStation to the entire world”, and the organization is evidently previously getting ready welcomes for distributers like Activision, Ubisoft, and EA to feature their cutting edge titles on the forthcoming console.

That implies we could be hearing progressively about the PS5 value, PS5 specs, and the going with computer generated reality headset, the PSVR 2, which the hole additionally states is underway and prepared to uncover before the 2021 monetary year. At long last, Ghost of Tsushima is likewise planned to show up as a PS5 select which, close by The Last of Us 2, is a piece of Sony’s leader portfolio for 2020.

This could, obviously, all end up being unjustifiable prattle, yet it’s energizing to think about what Sony have arranged in any case, particularly as the organization skipped E3 2019 not long ago, and has remained genuinely quiet since. Hopefully it has something significant to declare before 2019 finds some conclusion.


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