Paint and WordPad are being relegated to optional feature status in Windows 10

Following a seething episode of wistfulness by the Paint dependable, Microsoft rejected its arrangements to expel the great application from its working framework.

While the organization stuck to its guarantee of incorporating the application in the Windows 10 May 2019 update, it hasn’t totally abandoned guaranteeing that clients relocate to its novel Paint 3D application for their picture altering needs.

Surely, the most recent see for the 20H1 update for Windows 10, fabricate 18963, that was flighted to the Fast ring not long ago demonstrates the organization has added another heritage application to its ‘hit list’: WordPad. Both WordPad and the exemplary Paint application would now be able to be found in the rundown of discretionary highlights for Windows 10, joining the positions of different signs of the Windows of yesteryear, for example, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.

This implies both these applications will be uninstallable in a future arrival of Windows, likely 20H1, as construct 18963 is a review of that part of Windows 10’s improvement. A past form had effectively incorporated a placeholder for Microsoft Paint in the discretionary highlights’ rundown yet it was not useful at the time; this time around however, you can uninstall both applications promptly, on the off chance that you so want.

Obviously, discretionary highlights can generally be reinstalled so Paint won’t generally be vanishing at any point in the near future. For sure, the organization was wanting to keep the application alive through the Microsoft Store at any rate. Simply don’t hold out any expectation for the application accepting new highlights at any point in the near future, what with Microsoft putting its weight behind the more current, hotter and higher dimensional Paint 3D.


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