Pete Buttigieg and the South Bend Police

From the beginning of his mayoralty, Mr. Buttigieg has grappled with the kind of convoluted issues of race and criminal equity that harrow networks across the country.

Thirteen weeks in the wake of getting down to business, Pete Buttigieg terminated South Bend’s mainstream African-American police boss. The scene compromised his remaining with some dark individuals in South Bend, a relationship that was additionally stressed for the current month when a white cop killed a dark man there.

The Context

Mr. Buttigieg terminated Darryl Boykins, the police boss he acquired, in the wake of learning of charges that Mr. Boykins had inappropriately recorded telephone calls made by his white subordinates who were said to have utilized bigot language about him.

The chronicles have never been freely discharged and stay tied up in a fight in court. Mr. Buttigieg says he has never tuned in to them.

The episode corrupted Mr. Buttigieg’s association with some in South Bend’s dark network, leaving him little supply of cooperative attitude this month when a white South Bend cop shot and killed a dark man, Eric J. Logan, 54.

How he has Responded

Since the shooting, Mr. Buttigieg has generally dropped off the battle field, dropping booked appearances at a Southern California support raiser and a South Carolina fish broil.

He has rather invested energy in South Bend, walking with dissenters and going to a strained town lobby.


The current month’s shooting fills in as a noteworthy test for Mr. Buttigieg, constraining him to figure with inquiries regarding his relationship and fame with African-American voters, and whether he can demonstrate adequate sympathy.

Indeed, even before this scene, surveys demonstrated Mr. Buttigieg as unmistakably more well known with white voters than dark voters. With African-Americans making up about a fourth of the Democratic essential electorate — and the greater part in some key early-casting a ballot states — they are a casting a ballot coalition Mr. Buttigieg can’t stand to distance.


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