Someone is creating a Cyberpunk 2077 demake for 32-bit platforms that looks retro-amazing

YouTube’s ‘Bearly Regal’ has made an unfathomable Cyberpunk 2077 demake for 32-bit stages, for example, Playstation and Saturn, that gives us a look at what CD Projekt RED’s RPG could resemble on such frameworks. This is a completely shocking video so we unequivocally propose watching it immediately.

On the off chance that you’re pondering, Bearly Regal is a similar individual that made the Death Stranding demake that got viral a long time prior. This Cyberpunk 2077 task took Bearly Regal 50 hours to make and it’s not completed at this point.

Underneath you can discover the video for Cyberpunk 2077 demake in which Regal clarifies a portion of the strategies he has utilized so as to make it. Magnificent expects to further clean this demake, however he doesn’t plan to ever discharge it to people in general.

The best possible demake film begins at 11:30 and highlights the exemplary Playstation 1 logo screen (for additional retro focuses). It additionally includes a retro-ish and pixel-y introduction, like the low quality FMV motion pictures that were discharged during the 32-bit period. What’s more, truly, there is additionally some in-game retro ongoing interaction film.


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