The world’s longest RollerCoaster Tycoon ride now takes 45 real years to complete

A year ago, RollerCoaster Tycoon player Marcel Vos gave us an impossible bad dream with the longest ride at any point worked in the game – one which took 12 certifiable years to finish its circuit, leaving parkgoers caught for over a time of nightmarish ‘delight.’ Now, Vos has done it once more. Be that as it may, this time, the ride takes an entire 45 years to go through.

The ride takes a shot at basically a similar rule as Vos’ past variant. A short track stuffed with vehicles is attached to an impossibly long circuit, and every vehicle on the short track can just continue after a specific number of laps on the long track are done. One way to make the track significantly longer would’ve been to have the truck on the long track turn around itself, in this way multiplying the length of the circuit, yet that would’ve been unthinkable at the time on account of a bug.

In any case, that bug’s been fixed at this point. In the new form of the track, the truck arrives at the end and meets a small slope that powers it in reverse – however since the game’s base speed is path lower backward, it takes much longer for the truck to make the invert lap.


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